Organic Colombia

Organic Colombia

Dark Roast Bag of per bag of 12oz bag
Rich body, notes of brown sugar.

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Coffee from the Sierra Nevada department in Northern Colombia is grown under shade cover on organic farms. Producing families take special care to preserve the land’s inherent biodiversity and protect natural resources like trees, soil, and water. Fairtrade and Organic certifications ensure that farms and facilities follow best practices for equitability of pay, safety of working conditions, and avoiding any chemical contamination of crops. The dark, full roast gives the cup rich sugary flavors that make the most of beans grown sustainably in Colombia’s mountains.

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Brew it

Focus on the grind! Getting a burr grinder rather than a blade grinder makes for a much more uniform grind, which delivers smoother flavors in the final coffee brewing. A burr grinder can be adjusted from coarse to fine depending on equipment you are using to brew your coffee.

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Whole bean coffee ships within 24 hours of roasting. Amazing taste guaranteed!