Medium Roast Bag of per bag of 12oz bag
Spicy, tangy, chocolatey. Medium body and lots of yum.

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The landlocked East African nation of Burundi is one of the most special places coffee is grown. Coffee exports in Burundi are crucial to rebuilding the country’s economy after decades of violent civil war. Families farm coffee in small plots and COFFEED has used those beans as our house drip and espresso coffees since we opened in 2012. We are proud to continue our commitment to purchasing coffee from Burundi’s small producers and to brew for you a unique single origin that has the lively characteristics East African coffees are known for.

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Brew it

Dosing is something important to consider when brewing your coffee. Dosing is the ratio of water to coffee grounds. One way to measure this is to use a scale and measure and weigh both coffee and water by the gram! You can also measure your water by the ounce in a measuring cup. Brewing recipes vary depending on the number of cups you want to make, how strong you want your coffee to taste, and the brewing equipment you are using.

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Whole bean coffee ships within 24 hours of roasting. Amazing taste guaranteed!