When Coffee Met Charity

In Search of the Very Best

Before we started COFFEED, we cupped and tasted a lot of different coffee beans. And we realized that some of the most amazing coffee comes from the simplest farms around the world.

Rustic, slow-paced, off-the-beaten path farms with rich soil and the best old-world techniques. It’s really that simple.

That’s why we’re obsessed with finding the best coffee beans. For every 15 beans we try, we might put one on the menu. And we roast them fresh in LIC.

Giving Really Is Better Than Receiving

Something else those old-world farms taught us? The power of community.

Local coffee farms don’t just offer sumptuous homegrown beans—they’re also a vital part of their community. From grower, to supplier, to buyer, coffee beans get around. Cafes are practically local town squares. Coffee brings people together.

That’s why each COFFEED location donates up to 10% of its sales to partner charities like City Growers, The New York Foundling, and Bryant Park Reading Room.

We aren’t an NGO, but we don’t have to be. Everyone can give back to their communities in a meaningful way. They just need the right opportunity.

Our Charitable Subscription Membership

We think it’s great that people like us can run and grow a business while making a positive impact in our community.

So we’re offering a new subscription membership for coffee lovers who want our roasts on demand. Members get gourmet coffee delivered right to their door, or can enjoy a free coffee on us by picking up orders at one of our cafes. Best of all, all members get invited to special COFFEED parties and events in LIC.

The best part? A percentage of the proceeds from each purchase will go towards one of our partner charities. And you get to choose the charity you want to help.

So take a look at our subscription page. Buy some great coffee. And positively impact someone’s life while you’re at it. Coffee’s never tasted this good.