Why choose the COFFEED Subscription Program?
COFFEED’s mission is to become one of the most charitable for-profit companies in the world. We are committed to selling only the finest single-origin coffee sourced via fair or direct trade from exceptional farms around the globe. We feed and support our local communities by offering high-quality products and by donating a portion of every sale to our amazing charitable partners.

Coffee enthusiasts, you can join us on this mission by becoming a charter COFFEED subscriber! 3% of the purchase price of every subscription will be donated to one of COFFEED’s charitable partners to aid them in their efforts to educate, conserve, restore, and heal. Great coffee & great causes - what’s better than that?
             To learn more about our remarkable partners and what they do, please click here.


Why choose COFFEED over all the other coffee subscriptions in the market?
Enjoy great beans & help great causes! COFFEED believes in selling coffee that is sustainably produced, locally roasted, and of the highest quality. All our beans are single-origin - sourced via fair or direct trade from the best farms in the world and expertly roasted in small batches in NYC for maximum freshness. On top of that, we donate 3% of your purchase price to one of our charitable partners. You choose the charity when you place your order! 


How can your prices be competitive to the other specialty coffee companies AND still give back?
Simple. Our mission is to provide our customers with superior coffee while always giving back. It’s in our DNA. Giving back is good to do...and good business! 


When will the coffee be ready for pick-up? When will coffee be delivered?
This will depend on when you made your order.
If you ordered after Monday - Thursday after 3PM, your order will be confirmed on the next day and ready for pick up in 2 business days (Monday-Friday). 
If you ordered Friday after 3PM or over the weekend, your order will be confirmed on the next business day (usually Monday) and ready for pick up in 2 business days (usually Wednesday).
For instance, if you made your order on Tuesday at 3PM, your coffee will likely be ready for pick up Thursday morning. 

If you chose to have your coffee delivered, we generally ship out on Wednesdays and Fridays. So, for example, if you made your order Monday at 2PM, we will ship out your coffee (priority mail) on Wednesday.


I don’t get it. How does this membership work?
When signing up as a COFFEED subscriber, there are 2 subscription options: you can choose to have a prepaid plan (biweekly, weekly or monthly) or our regular subscription plan which will be charged on a biweekly or monthly basis. With your commitment to our PREPAID plans, we will be giving you your first bag free! The prepaid plans have already deducted your free bag and you will be charged every 3 months for your weekly or biweekly plan or every 6 months for your monthly plan.

For our regular subscription plan, you will be charged every 2 weeks (for weekly and biweekly plans) or every 4 weeks (for monthly plans). And as long as you are an active subscriber to either plan, you will be eligible for our rewards!

If you would like to change your roasts or your grinds, you can change at any time! You will be able to modify the delivery intervals and cancel or pause your membership, all by logging into your account here. If you’d like to change any of the details of your order, please do so by the Sunday evening before your next scheduled delivery. This will give our roasters and shipping team enough time to process any changes. If you make no changes and wish to keep your subscription going as is, your card on file will automatically be charged before each shipment. If you ever have any questions about the details of your membership, don’t hesitate to email hello@coffeednyc.com! 


Where can I pick up my coffee beans and get my free coffee?
Currently, you can choose to pick up your coffee at one of our 4 locations. For directions and hours, just click one of the locations below.
Times Square (Manhattan)
Chelsea (Manhattan)
LIC Landing (Queens)
LIC Flagship (Queens)


I don’t know how much coffee to order! Help!
Not to worry. We’ll make it simple for you.
If you drink 1-2 cups per day, we recommend the monthly subscription.
If you drink 3-4 cups per day, we recommend the biweekly subscription.
If you drink 5+ cups per day, we highly recommend the weekly subscription. 


Which grinds are right for me?
If you have a French Press Pot, the coarse grind will brew the best for you. 
If you use a drip pot, pourover cone, K-Cup, we recommend the medium grind. 
If you are an espresso drinker, the fine grind is best for you. 
Or if you want to GIY (grind it yourself), get the whole beans.