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Five Boro Blend

Five Boro Blend

Mixed Roast Bag of per bag of 12oz bag bag
Cocoa powder, crunchy almonds, goes down smooth. Open the bag and just look at the beans! As diverse as the city we love.

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The 5 Boro Blend celebrates New York City’s diversity. COFFEED started in Queens, where there are more languages spoken than in any other county in the United States! Just like the people of New York city come from all over the globe, coffee beans (which are the seeds of coffee trees) come from many countries around the world where they are grown. This dark roast will keep you going all night long in the city that never sleeps. The 5 Boro blend mixes three single origin coffees at different respective roast levels: Colombia Light Roast, Burundi Medium Roast, Sumatra Dark Roast.

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Making coffee is similar to cooking in that two major variables influencing the final cup are time and temperature. If you’re brewing coffee in an automatic coffee pot, the brew time is pre programmed. One of the benefits of using automatic coffee makers is that they control the time the water spends in contact with the grinds to allow enough time for extraction but not too much time for over extraction where the coffee gets bitter. If you’re manually brewing, use a stopwatch to keep yourself on track and find the sweet spot for brewing your pour over or French press.

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