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Astoria Blend

Astoria Blend

Dark Roast Bag of per bag of 12oz bag
Honey sweetness, crisp and juicy fruit, light body. Perfect for morning or afternoon.

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At COFFEED, three of our favorite things to do are Eat local food, Roast delicious coffee, and Share our bounty with local charities. Our Eat Roast Share blend celebrates these activities. Coffee is better if you share it, and we think our medium roast makes a great gift to share for a special occasion or a tasty morning cup to share with your family. The Eat Roast Share blend is a combination of beans grown in the Guatemalan highlands, the Huila department of Colombia, and Brazil’s Cerrado Mineiro plateaus. It is roasted to the perfect medium level, a happy place that brings out rich chocolate flavors and still reveals hints of sweet fruits.

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